For the final project, I want to make a ig event motion tool, because there are a lot of art events post in my feed every day, I see almost 80% of them use motion to promote or introduce themselves. For professional art studios, they have hired motion designers to design social media feed, but for non profit organizations, local business, university clubs/events, they might not have the specific person or enough time to do the work.

So I want to make a motion tool for them to generate gifs, hopefully it looks like this eventually.

I did some research, here’s my summary for elements or requirements for motion:
1. the first image needs big type
2. it can be few images, motion can be shown in two images, users can scroll right to left
3. users might need to add texts or logo after gif exportation, they should be able to manipulate text motion position for more space
4. they need background colors(plain color/ simple gradients)

Instagram Research

Work flow is like,
1. user comes to the site
2. user types into text input box
3. site shows 2–3 result previews
4. user selects one and customize motion speed, text font, size, color, position
5. export (alpha or not)

User Interface Mockup


Some amazing references shared by Max Bittker (Big Thanks)

Motion designer now pursuing master degree @ ITP NYU.