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Hi whoever is reading this, this is my first blog, welcome welcome.

In case you want to learn more about me, I am a designer based in New York currently working at a startup, with my background in digital interactive art. I soaked…

Hi, all!
Here is the final tutorial I made for the Motion Designer position assignment.

Here is my process documentation:

00 Assignment details

Please create a short (target 30 seconds) video that matches the Figma brand. Use your time strategically to demonstrate strong motion graphics skills, but use content like screen recording…

For the final project, I want to make a ig event motion tool, because there are a lot of art events post in my feed every day, I see almost 80% of them use motion to promote or introduce themselves. For professional art studios, they have hired motion designers to…

Collective Poster Making Experience



I’m really obsessed with glitchy typeface, and also the kinetic effect, they all look like a typography performance to me. I really want to learn the technique to implement this and make it crazier.

I’m interested to expand this experience to multiple users they make some glitchy fonts then put…

What is your concept?

1. Technical Goals

I recently really into motion design and also creating immersive environment with Unreal. I’m trying to find a way to combine these two elements together, hoping to create a new way of narrative in virtual environment.
I’m inspired by this film that is applying paint on human face which later be…

Danqi Qian

Motion designer now pursuing master degree @ ITP NYU.

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