2020Fall-HandHeld-Week 01

Slider Toy

Link here: https://sfdrk.csb.app/

I really love the theme of this week’s assignment, I’m probably a bit too obsessed with computer sliders, especially for some old school pixelized sliders. To me sliders feel like a medium where human intersect with computers, saying they are instruments might be too much, but it’s definitely a way of collaboration.

I have a better image of slider iterations in my archive but I couldn’t find it at all. Thinking about the possibilities of art in the default computer interfaces is my new favourite thing.

I have this picture of raw computer sliders moving together, in a smooth sin wave, changing something with strong visuals together, yet it still allows humans to be part of this performance. Here’s an unexpected bonus.

This is how it looks in the end, everytime you click, one slider block would be created. You can change the color of each block by simply drag it’s slider. Besides, there’s one boss slider which could change every slider together.

I love it when the colors are vivid or all black, with only background changing. And especially how sliders shape the language of machine. I can play this all day.

Btw, shout out to Max for his super helpful office hours and references. 👏

Next step:

I should really learn how to make it mobile friendly!

Motion designer now pursuing master degree @ ITP NYU.